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We Are



You create the games.

You create the games.

We launch and promote them!

We launch and promote them!




We’re offering a service that has never been offered before. The ability to create, launch and host your own casino games is something that’s unheard of in the gambling word.

VIABET acts both as a casino and a platform where users will be able to launch their own games. Essentially, you can choose to play against us, other users, or create and host your own casino games.

Verifying transactions over blockchain ensures that no single player holds an advantage at any stage of the gambling process.

VIABET will be administering the plays within the platform using our own provably fair algorithms.

A platform that solves the issue of trust – and for that reason, we’re operating on a 0% house edge and offering provable fairness.

A complete decentralised ledger of transactions.

Blockchain offers transparency, security and privacy in a way that other modes of payment do not.

Transactions are anonymised and offer security and ease of use that you don’t necessarily get with paying online with a credit card.

A fair, autonomous cloud-based betting environment for all users.

Multiple crypto-currency support.

Our Goals

We aim to create a new kind of gambling experience. An experience where the user no longer has to feel like he’s at the mercy of the casino provider.

A long-term plan to raise the value of XVIA tokens.

Entering regulated markets. Only 5% of online gambling is attributed to cryptocurrency gambling. This is an incredibly opportunity as 95% of the fiat market is up for grabs. VIABET aims to capture this market share by introducing blockchain-based cloud betting where players can create and operate their own casino games using fiat currencies.

Similar to the way Ethereum created a world running on DAPPs. VIABET aims to create a transparent and incentivized cloud betting platform, which we believe, will prove itself to the world by remapping the online gambling industry.

Multiple exchanges.


World’s First Cloud Betting Casino

Experience a new revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency gambling
and peer-to-peer sports betting.

Become Legendary.

Become The Casino


Become part of a $50 billion dollar industry. Online gambling is one of the largest and most rapidly expanding industries today. With at least 50% of the global population participating in some form of gambling every year.

System for everyone

As Steve Jobs said, “You have to start with the customer experience, and work backwards to the technology”. At VIABET, we very much believe what the great founder of Apple has said. Simplicity and intuitiveness is in the core of our platform.



The driving force behind VIABET. A cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum technology that allows us to create a fair, autonomous cloud-based betting environment for all users. Limited, locked supply, and no dilution.

Cloud Betting

If you can’t beat them, join them. Create your own games, your own rules. An exciting new system that enables online players to bet against other online players, where one player acting as the casino is given the house odds.

Thinking “BIG”

As history shows, most first-movers are rewarded with huge profit margins and monopoly-like status. Our ultimate goal is to become one of the largest gaming platforms in the world.

Following launch, our platform will include P2P sports betting, dice games, poker tournaments, as well as other provably fair casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack.

We will support multiple cryptocurrencies including: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.

A Game Changer

What’s better than owning a casino? Owning the games inside the casino!

VIABET delivers an all-out fresh approach to online gambling. A simple, yet elegant solution that allows the player to actually become the casino. The player will be able to offer and open games himself which will allow other players to play against him/her. VIABET essentially allows players to create their own games and rules within the online casino.

This is not just evolution, this is a revolution of the gambling industry as a whole and we welcome you to be a part of it.

Double Token System (DTS)

In order to qualify to become “the casino” players will have to purchase and stake “VIA” Tokens, play a certain amount of game rounds as regular players against VIABET, or against other players who have qualified to become the casino.

Each time the user plays a round of any of the VIABET casino games he earns “Edge” Tokens. “Edge” is an in-house utility token that can also be used as a unit of exchange between players in the new, cloud-based betting platform.

After earning a specific amount of tokens the user will qualify to become the casino and will be able to offer and open games himself which will allow other players to play against him/her.

It’s that simple.

Cloud Betting

(A simplified example.)


The VIA (XVIA) Token Burn Strategy

To reduce the overall token supply from 70 million (70,000,000) to 7 million (7,000,000), meaning a 90% decrease.

What Effect Does Burning the Tokens Have?

What Effect Does Burning the Tokens Have?

Historically when a company burns (destroys) or locks a number of tokens it causes the price to increase. This is due to the law of supply and demand. Since there are less tokens available for trade the tokens that are available for trade become more valuable.

How Exactly Will You Burn the Tokens?

How Exactly Will You Burn the Tokens?

The tokens will be burned by sending them to a wallet with no private key. This will make them unavailable to be used forever. This is a common practice done by many companies prior to a high success rate.

What Does This Mean for Current Investors?

What Does This Mean for Current Investors?

If you have already invested. Congratulations! You can expect your token value to increase exponentially.

Token Burn Diagram